Unveiling the 2024 Outcome of Mixing Red and Black

what do red and black make

A red and black color palette is powerful and bold, whether you use it in artwork or interior design. But what do the colors red and black make when mixed together?

Let’s look at why these two colors go together so well. Plus, we’ll dive into what red and black make you feel when you see them. 

And finally, we’ll cover what the colors red and black make when mixed. So, you’ll know what happens when you mix red and black paint. 

This article will help you understand the color science behind the colors red and black. But I’ll keep it simple and accessible, so you don’t need to be an expert! 

Let’s find out more about the colors black and red

The Color Red

what do red and black make

Red is a rich, bright, and eye-catching color. It’s one of the easiest colors to name, as it’s so distinctive. 

In the RGB color system, it’s also one of the three primary colors. So, red is an essential building block for mixing other colors like purple and orange. But in the CYMK color system, red is a secondary color.

The color red often appears in nature, ranging from fruits to flowers. There are many shades of red, from scarlet to crimson and burgundy. 

The Color Black

what color does black and red make

The color black is the darkest shade out there. It’s the opposite of white. 

According to color science, black technically isn’t a color. Instead, it’s achromatic, which means it doesn’t have a hue. So, the correct term for black is a shade. 

Black is the color of nighttime, space, and the absence of light. It’s also a hugely significant color with many different meanings. 

Using Red & Black Together

what colors do red and black make

Red and black are a common color combination when you need to grab someone’s attention. These colors are bold, bright, and daring, so they’re sure to make an impact.

Many brands use this color combination in their logos and branding. A few examples include YouTube, Lego, and Ace Hardware.

You’ll also see it in fashion and interior design. When used carefully, it can create a stylish and chic look. Add some white, and you have a classy minimalist style. 

So, why is this color palette effective?

Both colors are intense shades and contrast with each other. The rich, bright red bounces off the deep black, making each color look more saturated. 

What Do the Colors Red and Black Make You Feel?

what do the colors red black and white make you feel

Don’t underestimate the power of colors to affect your mood. Color psychology is a real thing! And it’s crucial to understand how colors make you feel if you’re an artist or graphic designer. 

The colors black and red are vivid and strong. These colors can provoke intense emotional reactions and feelings depending on the context. 

How Does Red Make You Feel?

For example, red can signify love, romance, and passion. But it’s also the color of blood and gore. 

Plus, the color red is often a warning sign as it’s so bright. It’s one of the easiest colors for humans to see, so it makes sense to use it for road signs. And in nature, some poisonous animals use red to warn predators away. 

So, red can make you feel relaxed, happy, and passionate. But it could also make you feel unsettled, on edge, or scared. It’s all in the context of how you use it. 

How Does Black Make You Feel?

Black also has some negative connotations. For example, in Western countries, black is the color of death and mourning. That’s why we wear black at funerals, and as a result, it’s quite a somber color. 

It’s also a formal color, often worn in the workplace. Black can signify power, strength, and masculinity. 

As a result, these two colors are impactful when combined. They can make you feel bold and brave, strong and powerful, or elegant and stylish. 

But they can also make people feel intimidated, overwhelmed, or even nervous. So, use red and black together with care! 

What Do the Colors Red and Black Make When Mixed?

Now, you know a lot about using black and red together. But what happens when you mix these two colors?

If you mix black and red paint, you’ll probably get a darker red. It could be a burgundy or maroon shade. It depends on what color red you start with and how much black paint you add. 

When adding black, take care only to add a very small amount. As black is so dark, it can easily overwhelm the other color. So, you might end up with a much darker result than you wanted. 

You’ll also make your red paint less bright when you add black. So, keep that in mind if you want to make a bright yet dark red. 

And depending on the black shade, you could make your red paint look warmer or cooler. 

You could also create a brown color by mixing red and black if you’re not careful. 

Color Theory: Making Shades & Tints

When you add black to a color, you’ll make that color darker. In color science, we call this a shade. Any time you mix black with another color, you’re making a darker shade of that color. 

In contrast, when you add white to a color, you create a tint. That just means you’ve lightened the color you had at first. 

You also reduce the saturation by mixing in white. So, your color red won’t look as vibrant as before. Instead, it becomes more muted.

Burgundy vs. Maroon: What’s the Difference?

red mixed with black

Maroon and burgundy are both darker red shades. So, you can make these colors by mixing red with a dash of black paint. 

These two shades of red can be very similar. As a result, it’s easy to get mixed up between them.

But there are subtle differences. Maroon is a richer, warmer shade than burgundy, with brown undertones. It can also be compared to brick red. 

In comparison, burgundy has more of a purple hue. This color takes its name from the deep shade of red wine made in Burgundy, France. 

Other dark red colors include garnet, merlot, and sangria. As you can see, many of these colors are named after types of red wine. But there’s also ruby red, chili pepper red, and scarlet. 

How to Mix the Color Black

If you don’t have any black paint handy, it’s possible to mix your own. When you mix paints, you’re using the subtractive color system. 

And so, when you combine all three primary colors, you’ll end up with black. I recommend starting with a darker shade of red, yellow, and blue in the first place. That will make it easier to make a deep black color. 

It might take a little experimenting to get the right shade. You might end up with a brown or greyish shade instead. So, it’s not a foolproof method. But it’s helpful if you’re caught out and need black paint. 

Mixing Red and Black Light

If you know a little about color theory, you’ll understand that there are two color systems. The subtractive color system governs what happens when you mix pigments or paints. 

But the additive color system applies to mixing different color lights. So, what happens when you combine red and black light?

The simple answer is that it’s not possible. That’s because you can’t get black light. There isn’t such a thing as black light because black is the absence of light. 

As a result, you can’t mix red light with something that doesn’t exist. So, mixing red and black light is a non-starter. 

The Wrap Up

Now, you know everything there is to know about the colors red and black. 

When you mix black and red, you’ll probably make a darker red shade. But mixing black with other colors is notoriously tricky. So, go easy with the black paint! 

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